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The following services are available to patients at the Spire Alexandra, Spire Fordcombe, and BMI Somerfield Hospitals:

1. One-stop rapid access glaucoma clinic:

Early diagnosis and management of glaucoma and the ability for risk assessment of patients with ocular hypertension, using the latest technology such as

  • HRT3 optic disc scanner
  • pachymetry
  • blue-on-yellow and white-on-white automated visual field testing
  • selective laser trabeculoplasty as an alternative to using eye drops

Patients are assessed and all diagnostic tests are performed and a management plan is discussed all at the same visit

2. One-stop rapid access cataract clinic: 

Patients are assessed and all tests are performed and a date offered for surgery all at the same visit 

Modern pulsed phaco technology with even shorter operating times

Latest generation of multifocal intraocular lenses, which allow the patient to focus for distance, intermediate and near work without the need for spectacles.

3. General Ophthalmology Services including emergency cases:

The best facilities are available to offer a general ophthalmology service. Routine and emergency referrals are seen.

If you wish to discuss these and other advances in ophthalmology with Professor Ejaz Ansari, please contact his secretary who would be happy to arrange a suitable time.