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SLT: A Patient's Perspective
Read the story of PH, a UK glaucoma patient who recently underwent SLT after more than two decades of using anti-glaucoma medication. His persistence has paid off - not only has he achieved great treatment results, reducing his IOP to 9 mmHg, but he has dramatically improved his quality of life.

Mr MS, Sevenoaks
Multifocal lens implants: My vision has improved 100% as has my quality of life. 
Mrs TP, Tunbridge Wells
LAL- I cannot believe the sharpness and definition of vision following surgery with LAL implants- a truly unique experience that I would recommend to anybody. 
Mrs KS, Tonbridge
ICL- Thinking about laser surgery? Think again! The ICL is marvellous! I was very impressed by the highest levels of expertise of this completely painless procedure- I would thoroughly recommend this treatment to others.
Ms KP, Canterbury
Mini Express glaucoma shunt- A painless procedure with swift post-op recovery, and best of all, no more drops for glaucoma! What a breakthrough! My life and eyes are so much better. 
Mrs CS, Tonbridge
I started wearing glasses when I was 8 years old. As the years passed, my nearsightedness grew with me. Without my glasses or contacts, I could not see well enough to do normal activities. Waking up in the morning, I had to put my glasses on to see the alarm clock, had to have my contacts on before taking a shower. After several years of contact lens wear, my eyes began to react differently to them. I began having recurrent eye infections, my eyes got very dry. I had to use lubricant eye drops and sometimes even they did not help and I could not wear any longer my contacts. I felt really horrible with glasses and wasn’t self-confident at all. It was time to look for other options. I looked into LASIK, but it was not an option for me because my corneas were too thin, & my prescription was so large. It was very discouraging to realize that I would be stuck with my thick glasses for the rest of my life, that is, until I found out about Dr. Ansari and the Vision ICL.
I went to his office and let him examine my eyes. He confirmed that the ICL was my best chance to improve my vision and get me away from glasses and the contact lenses that were damaging my eyes. Dr.Ansari performed my ICL procedure in February 2011, and it has made a dramatic change in my life. I can enjoy life without having to worry about losing a contact lens, using eye drops or break my glasses. With my new vision I got my life back and have 20/20 vision. 
Only people with a high Myopia can imagine how life without glasses/contacts can be. Even with contacts my life was never that easy and great as it is now. 
With ICL I can see perfectly without glasses or contacts - all thanks to Dr. Ansari. The procedure is a surgery, which you should not underestimate but Dr. Ansari and his team has been incredible. Dr. Ansari and his staff were great during all stages of the surgery, from preparation through postoperative followup.
I want to especially thank Dr. Ansari’s incredible assistant Samantha, and the rest of the hospital staff for the exceptional care and friendly understanding personal contact I received.

I had this procedure performed in February 2011 and I am still in awe and wonder every day I wake up and I can see everything so clearly. Thank you so much for helping me to attain such an amazing gift.